Advanced Beginner and Intermediate Harmonica Instruction!

What the Pros are Saying:
“In his own way, from his little corner of this big ole world, David Harp is doing things to make this a better place to live.”
— Charlie Musselwhite, Blues Harpist Extraordinaire

“ are an excellent teacher!...I’ve tried for years, but you clearly told me what to do.” — Gaye Adegbalola, Saffire Blues Band, Winner of the 1990 W.C. Handy Award

“I owe it all to David, and to his books and recordings!”
— Doc Johnson, Doc Johnson Blues Band, Kittery, ME

“As someone who's been playing for 17 years, I have to say that I constantly apply the lessons I learned from your books & recordings...”
— Kyle Vallone, Kyle Vallone Blues Band, Oakland, CA

Bending the Blues

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Bending (that is, lowering a note by changing the shape of your mouth and tongue) is both the hardest and the most important harmonica technique. A good “bender” can add up to 16 new bent notes to a standard ten hole harp!
This 64 page book and 2-CD set (for “C”, “A”, or “F” harps) will teach total beginners to start bending right away. It’ll teach intermediate/advanced players to use draw bends, blow bends, and overblows in a variety of styles, scales, licks, and positions.
(BEND-B) Bending the Blues 64 page Book $7.95

(BEND-C) Bending the Blues 2-CD set $16.95

(BEND-BC) Bending the Blues Book and 2-CD set $22.95

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Note to Serious Beginners: It's never to early to start learning to bend, if you want to play the blues!

Music Theory Made Easy for Blues/Rock Harp
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It’s a complete music theory book just for blues harmonica, so it’s essential if you really want to play with others, or if you want to know why you’re doing what you do. It's also a complete explanation of that great musical mystery known as "harmonica positions." If you’re not completely sure what “cross harp,” “third position,” or “straight harp” are, you need this book!

With this book, you'll know which key harp to use when (includes charts to bring to that jamm session), how to talk with other musicians, jamming etiquette, and how to play in every position! Whatever your playing level, you’ll be playing in new positions in minutes — with hundreds of easy-to-read HarpTab™ scales and riffs at difficulty levels ranging from near-beginner to serious pro!
(MTfH) Music Theory for Harmonica 96 page Book $7.95

If you’d like a general music theory book, please check this out!

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