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Why Learn Chromatic Harmonica?
It’s fun, it’s easy, and it sounds great right away!

It’s way easier to play blues and jazz on the chromatic than on the “regular” ten hole harmonica! The holes are bigger (so they’re easier to “single out”). Better tone and lots of “blues notes” are built right into the chromatic, so you don’t need to learn difficult tone effects before you sound good, like “ten hole” players do.

With my amazing new “Three Minutes to™ Chromatic” lesson, you’ll skim a few pages of this book, listen to two tracks on the CD, and be ready to play your first simple but satisfying blues solo... after just Three Minutes of my instruction! won’t have to learn standard music notation!
Almost all traditional chromatic harmonica books require you to read useful but complex “standard musical notation,” filled with lines and spaces and strange little symbols. But this one sure doesn’t!

My Chromatic Notation Method is unbelievably simple!
If you can count to 12, breathe in and out, and tap your foot, you’ll understand my super simple notation system right away. It has just three parts: Dots, Numbers, & Arrows. Nothing to it! You’ll play your first “Chro” blues in just 3 Minutes!

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Then you’ll go on to learn:

• Blues and Jazz “Scales” and “Chord Structures”— From the Easiest Ones to the Hardest

• Hot “Licks” and “Solos” — In the Styles of the Chromatic Masters, from “Little Walter” to “Toots” to “Stevie”

• Plus Soulful Songs, Swingin’ Basslines, Just Enough Music Theory, Improvisation Strategy…

• And much more!

(CHRO-BCD) Three Minutes to Chromatic Harmonica Book & 3-CD set $24.95

We can also provide a variety of high-quality chromatic harmonicas at reasonable prices. If you’re interested in purchasing a chromatic harmonica, email us!

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