The "I've Tried Before and Failed " Myth

Yes, I felt that way also.
But it wasn't really me that failed.

That little sheet of instructions in my first harmonica failed me!

Those instructions told me to:
1) Use a needlessly complicated method for getting single notes (which beginners DO NOT need to do at all)
2) Try to play a song in a style (Ancient European Folk Music) that I had no interest in (I wanted to ROCK),
3) Made me look at the notation for that song I did not want to play, in Standard Musical Notation (which I already hated and feared from my cello experience)...and, sadly, I completely quit trying to play...

So did that shelf full of harmonica instruction methods!
A few years later, I bought an instruction book.
Once again, it was full of songs that I didn't want to learn, with standard notation prominently featured.
I then got a book with a recording, but I couldn't make head or tail out of that, either.

If you've tried to play blues or rock or country or folk harmonica without success...
...It may be more the fault of your instructional materials than you!

Please try again.
Because of my own bad experiences, with music in general and with harmonica in particular, I've developed teaching methods that work great for people like me, who:
• Lack Confidence in Their Musical Abilities Due to Past Failures
• May Not, Indeed, Have a Strong Musical Talent
• Don't Want To, or Can't Seem To, Learn Standard Musical Notation...

I've helped hundreds of thousands of people who have "tried before without success" to succeed in playing blues, rock, and country harmonica! And you could be next!

no standard notation

"Having to learn to read Standard Musical Notation in order to play harmonica is like having to learn to read Chinese in order to make stir-fried vegetables..." — David Harp