The harmonica is the perfect tool to teach stress reduction, interpersonal communication, creativity, meditation, and mindfulness.
And a wonderful tool as well to help begin or deepen both a "hatha yoga" (yoga for the body) and "raja yoga" (yoga for the mind and spirit) practice.
harmonicayoga 2W-1M
How does it work?
Well, most yoga instruction starts with "pranayama" — yoga of the breath.
Breath focus short-circuits most types of stress reactions, so it's essential to all the skills and practices I've just mentioned.

And the most effective and entertaining way to teach people to focus on their breathing...is to teach them, mindfully, to play the harmonica.

I can teach anyone to play harmonica — blues, rock, folk, classical — within minutes...while at the same time offering a superbly effective way to deal more mindfully with fear, anger, pain, and desire. A way to improve their "vinyasa" (flow from one physical posture to the next) and enhance mindfulness, too.

Unusual? Sure. But this method works!
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My next scheduled workshop at The Kripalu Center, in Lenox, MA, runs from March 9 - 14, 2014. The workshop is titled Harmonica-Based Mindfulness™ Reduce Stress and Play Blues, Rock, and Folk Instantly! Please visit The Kripalu Center’s website or call 1-866-200-5203 (toll-free) for more information or to reserve a space in the workshop.
I'll also be doing a 2014 summer workshop at Kripalu, dates to be determined.

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