HarmonicaRobics™ — SuperCharge YourSelf!

I believe that one of the best ways to increase your aerobic capacity is to play the harmonica...while you exercise!
I call this method HarmonicaRobics!™

Probably the best way to start your HarmonicaRobics™ practice is by walking and playing, although I like to play my blues harp while I ski and kayak, too!
In fact, I like to play harmonica while doing lots of things (except swimming, snorkeling, and playing underwater hockey — although HarmonicaRobics™ helps me to do all three better).
But HarmonicaRobics™ while walking is easier for most people, no matter how athletic, to start with.
And as soon as you can walk and play, you can hike and play, or jog and play!

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Here I am, with "Lola," at the top of the Worcester Range
of the Green Mountains, Harpin' all the way, up and down!
Dave and Lola Harmonica White Rocks sm